Meet the Hams!

The Bellinghamsters

A silly group of hamsters hailing from Bellingham Washington each with their own unique personality.



Penelope Ham 

Penelope is our crafty queen and can often be found making cute little gifts for her friends.

Sammy Ham

Sammy is our resident foodie, and loves trying new restaurants and recipes with his buddies.

Tally Ham

Tally is our precious plant mom, she loves taking care of her little buds and hosting picnics in her garden.

Pierre Ham

Pierre is our rambunctious adventurer. He’s always excited to explore a new place, whether big or small!

Bubbles Ham

Bubbles is our reigning beauty queen, and is obsessed with all things aesthetic. She loves helping her friends look their best!

Dante Ham

Dante is our favorite little gammer boi. He is either found chasing high scores, or waiting in the kitchen for Sammy’s world class cookies!