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The Bellinghamsters

Hammy Valentines Stickers

Hammy Valentines Stickers

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A cute, candy free alternative to the traditional valentines! Choose from one of 6 designs, or grab a 12 pack to pass out to all your friends and loved ones! Perfect for classroom valentines exchange or your galentine’s get together. Each valentines comes with a waterproof vinyl sticker on a cute backing card ready to be addressed to your perfect valentine. All stickers feature an original valentines themed Bellinghamster.

Available Designs:

- Bubbles blowing kisses

- Pierre with bow and heart arrow

- Tally on a cloud

- Dante with a love letter 

- Penelope with a flower

- Sammy with a heart

Available as individuals or packs of 12. 

These vinyl stickers are roughly 2 inches and are waterproof. 

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